Orbital Biosciences, LLC was founded in 1996 by Dr. William F. Bowers to develop and manufacture innovative new processes and products for laboratory separations that offer significant improvements in performance and cost-effectiveness.

William F. Bowers, Ph.D., Founder and President

Bill received training in physical biochemistry, enzymology, and clinical chemistry, and has 20 years experience directing bioseparations R&D and engineering at Amicon and Millipore Corporations. He has authored 5 peer reviewed publications and 9 patents including the Amicon Centricon and Centriprep centrifugal devices. Most recently at Millipore he patented an entirely new kind of rotary valve permitting more cost-effective sanitary/CIP operation of highly efficient multiple column simulated moving bed biopharmaceutical chromatography.

Linda Bowers, Office Manager and CFO

Linda has training in business management and brings 15 years experience in accounting, retail sales, and sales office management.

Basil Yankopoulos, Member and Consultant

Basil has 27 years of research experience at Amicon as an individual contributor and manager of the R&D of membranes and chromatography media, where he authored 3 patents. He developed and commercialized the YM family of low-binding ultrafiltration membranes, which continue to be used in the majority of Amicon's UF product lines.

Robert J. Kostyla, Ph.D., Product Development

Bob holds advanced degrees in analytical chemistry. Prior to joining Orbital, he had over twenty five years of experience at Polaroid Corporation in the areas of product development, thin film coating, and manufacturing transfer. At Orbital Bob is engaged in the design and development of new membrane technology for protein fractionation and purification.

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